Playoff Rules

Playoff rules will not be changed once the draft is held

The top 9 (of 12) teams in the regular season make the Playoffs  
***If there are any less than 12 teams, only 8 teams will make the playoffs


Roster - Each team can select/protect 2 players from their regular season team, within 24 hours of the last regular season games starting, that no other team will be allowed to choose.
- A maximum of 1 goalie/defensemen is allowed (1 or 2 forwards must be selected). 
- If a team fails to submit their players in time (or chooses not to), they will need to fill their entire roster with the players that have not been protected.
- Each teams 24 player roster will be filled by players that have not been protected

4 - Goalies (individual, not team)
20 - Skaters: (this includes Forwards & Defense). You must have a minimum of 4 Defensemen, but your other 16 Skaters can be made up of any combination of Forwards and Defensemen.

POINTS - same formulas as our regular season


Trades - dropping a player (skater/goalie) from your roster and picking up any player that is not on your roster.

You can only make trades between rounds. You are allowed a TOTAL of 10 trades throughout the playoffs.

You have to drop a player/goalie for each player/goalie you pick up, this can be either an active player or an eliminated player. Therefore, all 10 trades are made after the first round ends and before the last round begins.

After round 1 your Skaters DO NOT have to include any Defensemen (it is entirely up to your discretion as to how you handle your Skaters after round 1).

All trades must be emailed
before the start of the next rounds first game to be accepted.
* or posted on the Fantrax board