Canadiangame Hockey Pool

Regular Season rules will not be changed after August 1st

Playoff rules will not be changed once the draft is held

Four "no" votes will kill a rule change NEW

Entrance fees/payouts
$70.00 must be paid by August 1st!
$55 goes towards regular season
(minus $10 admin fees)
$15 goes towards playoffs
NO REFUND after August 1st.

2012/13 - 12 teams
Regular season winnings
1st place    $ 325.00
2nd place   $ 195.00

3rd place    $ 130.00
Playoff winnings
1st place    $ 135.00
2nd place   $ 45.00 (off following season)
Admin - to cover fees (i.e. paypal)
                $ 10.00
TOTAL   $840.00

$88 Million Salary Cap
History of the cap
*cap will go up/down the same percentage as the NHL*
(23 - 25 player per team)

9 forwards
5 defensemen
1 enforcer
1 rookie
2 goalies
5 - 7 reserve players (bench)
Reserve players are players that do not accumulate points but are still included in the salary cap.
Rookies - To be considered a rookie, a player must not have played in 26 or more NHL games in any preceding seasons, nor in six or more NHL games in each of any two preceding seasons. Any player at least 26 years of age (by September 15th of that season) is not considered a rookie.

Rookies - IMPORTANT - please read carefully!


F2, D2, G2 and Skt (rookie forward, defence, goalie, enforcer) are used for your rookie spot.  If you put a player into your main that isn't a rookie, the move will be reversed by the admin and the team will be penalized 20 points.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ... treat your rookie spot with care!!!

Free Agents, Roster Moves and Trades

- All moves must be submitted by 6:59:59PM or the first game that day, whichever comes first
- No moves will be made if they put a team over the salary cap.
- In cases where players salaries are automatically adjusted, putting a team over the cap, managers will have one week to make a move that puts them back under the cap.
- The
trade deadline will be the same date as the NHLís trade deadline (??? ?, 2013 at 11:59:59PM)
- Any player dropped after the trade deadline will no longer be available to be picked up by any team
- Trades that involve draft picks must be equal (i.e. if you trade away 2 picks, you need to receive 2 draft picks in return)

Free Agents:
(between Tuesday at 8am and Monday at 11:59:59PM)
Two per week from January 22nd, 2013 (first Tuesday after season starts) until the NHL trade deadline
maximum 1 free agent per day
After the trade deadline, only one free agent per week can be picked up (no off-season pickups)
- during the week of the trade deadline, the first pick that week will expire at the deadline
- during the last week of the season, the final free agent pickup will expire on the last day of the schedule, at the beginning of the first game
- free agents will be accepted/processed every day, as long as a roster move is not required ... if a roster move is required, team owners must wait until the allowed time.
(i.e. Monday night after 7PM is valid, because moves made after 7PM are processed the following day)

**Players that are dropped will not be available to be picked up by any other team for 12 hours, and not available to the team that dropped said player for 24 hours**

Roster Moves and trades:
Roster moves will be processed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Trades will be processed every day, as long as a roster move is not required ... if a roster move is required, the trade cannot be processed until Tuesday or Friday.

Each manager involved in a trade must submit details of the trade through email or the Fantrax message boards.

No trades are permitted between the trade deadline and August 1st

If you have an invalid player in your rookie spot, the move will be reversed and your team will receive a 20 point penalty NEW

Protecting Players
(Click here to see teams protected players)
Fees are due by August 1st, otherwise you will not be able to protect your players.

If an owner drops out, his team will be available, first come first serve, until the Aug 1st deadline, then those players will be dropped and added to the available players.  Any new teams joining after Aug 1st, will pick from the available players, first come first served.

During the off-season, each manager must submit a list of 10-12 protected players by August 1st. 
(10 goalies/defense/forwards plus the option of protecting up to 2 rookies)

Failure to submit a list by August 1st will result in only 10 players with the most points being automatically protected

Each teams protected list must consist of the following
0 - 2 Goalies
1 - 3 Defense
any 3-4 defensive players (goalies and defense) can be protected ... except a maximum of 2 goalies
6-7 forwards
(if you only protect 6 forwards, then you protect 4 defensive players)
0 - 2 rookies (any position, but must be qualified to be a rookie for the upcoming season)
(it is the teams loss if the protected player is not a valid rookie)

(Rules, page 2)

PLAYOFFS (click for rules)
The top 9 (of 12) teams in the regular season make the Playoffs  
***If there are any less than 12 teams, only 8 teams will make the playoffs